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the 3 generation project


Installing a vented Siding

1. Something new from the Furniture division:-))

2. Mission Impossible:


If you are looking for someone to help you get ideas for your home renovation or to get a custom made table in your home to brag about, I'm your guy. 

If you have anything in mind and want something extraordinarily, I will put all my experience and knowledge into the project to make your dream come true. I'm very clean, patient, always on time and most of all I do put a lot of value in quality and long lasting materials to build your furniture or to renovate your home.





I renovated entire homes. All types of bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, floors, basements, backyards and everything you can possibley renovate. I do NOT do electrical, plumbing or roofing, but I know people who I trust to do the job.

I already built a few tables, swings, coffee tables, sidetables ect. (see attached photo gallery)


I want to make sure that you can enjoy your renovation or your furnishings for a long time after you got it, thats why I do lay such a big value on good quality workmanship and materials to renovate your home or build your rustic dream furniture.

I sell products I would buy myself too, or renovate it as If I would have to live with it as well.